What happened to Gov. Scott's $10K degrees?

Tampa, Florida -- Gov. Rick Scott heard from students and parents at Thomas Jefferson High School on Wednesday what most already know: college has become unaffordable.

"It's not a reality, and I know so many people, so many people, so many of my friends just here at school that aren't going to [college] because they know it's too expensive," said high school senior Linda Bamba.

Yet one of Scott's solutions to the problem, one of his boldest education initiatives, has yet to take off.

In November 2012, Scott challenged the state's colleges to begin offering a $10,000 bachelor's degree.

"Has your $10,000 degree program been a success so far in your opinion?" 10 News asked following the roundtable discussion at Jefferson.

"Well it's exciting because we challenged all of our state colleges to do it and they did it and they did it in areas where the students are getting jobs," Scott replied.

But the fact is many are not doing it.

As of January this year, the Florida Department of Education says only 13 of the 24 Florida College System institutions have implemented $10,000 degree programs.

The list of 13 supplied by the state includes St. Petersburg College.

Yet 10 News learned that's not entirely accurate either. A St. Petersburg College spokesperson confirmed to 10 News they won't have their so-called Smart Choice program ready until the fall.

When we asked about the numbers, Scott admitted there is work to do.

"We're continuing to work at it, just like controlling tuition, there's still work to do but gosh we're making progress, it's exciting," Scott said.

Eventually, all of the Florida College System schools say they will offer a $10,000 degree. But the $10,000 cost does not cover everything. Items like housing, books and meals will still need to be paid outside of $10,000.


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