Firefighter's "selfie" goes viral

SAN MARCOS (CBS 8) - It's a touching image - that symbolizes the sacrifice and dedication of all firefighters.

CBS News 8's Marcella Lee first saw the photo on Twitter, but the tweet had no details. After some searching, the "selfie" was traced back to an Escondido restaurant, where one of the owners had the answers.

"He took that photo yesterday to show to wife," said Monica Calles, owner of Plan 9 Alehouse.

A quick selfie that San Marcos firefighter Tim Bergon took to let his wife know he was okay has gone viral on Facebook.

"We were kind of shocked at how people responded honestly but I guess it just really shows you how much that meant to everybody because of what they did," Calles said.

The owners of Plan 9 Alehouse in Escondido are friends with the firefighter and his family -- they wrote "thank you" and posted Bergon's selfie on their Facebook page.

"It touched us, so we passed it on," Calles said.

In the photo, you see the father of three young kids sharing a smile with his family -- as he takes a much needed break, surrounded by fellow firefighters resting on dry grass, even concrete, and one on top of a utility box.

"When you see how exhausted they are, it just makes you really really grateful for all that they do, and all they always do," said Calles.

Within a matter of hours -- this photo went viral -- receiving more than 30,000 likes on Plan 9 Alehouse's Facebook page alone -- but shared and seen by thousands more on social media.

"I think they were just really grateful, I think the word everybody was thinking is, thank you, thank you, you can't really say thank you enough," she said.

Owner Monica Calles also tells CBS News 8 that photo was taken in San Marcos as they battled the Coco's Fire.

She says her Plan 9 Alehouse has also been offering free food to all firefighters who need to grab a bite to eat as a small token of their huge and heartfelt appreciation for working tirelessly and saving so many homes.


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