First graders reaching across the world

First graders making 3D hands


Students in the Bay Area are reaching around the world today, one hand at a time -- literally. First Graders at Dundee Elementary Academy are building artificial hands using 3D technology. These students are then sending out the hands to disadvantaged children around the world.

Susan Gann the teacher of this first grade class, says her students are excited about building an artificial hand. Today she is teaching her student how to build a hand. One student says, "On the computer it was so cool". She's talking about 3D printing. Her teacher uses this cutting edge tool to create different parts of the hand. "Once they are printed we take them off the base, and we pull them off", says Susan Gann.

These second graders have "a hand" in the whole process of making hands, another student says, "Well that is really cool because we can make hands that are like super-heroes". The students chose to make the hands with a super-hero theme. These first graders recognize having two hands are better than one, a student said, "One hand is not going to be easy….[not] able to play…if you can't have two hands".

The class hopes to make twenty hands by the end of this project. The teacher tells me once these hands are done one hand will go to Haiti, the others may go somewhere in Europe, Ukraine, Nepal, China, and Vietnam. The teacher says her kids are learning more than just robotics they are learning compassion.

Susan Gann, "Our students took on the ownership what it would feel like to not have a hand, or to be blind, to be in a wheelchair." This 1st grade class doing their part to give a helping hand. The kids shout out loud with enthusiasm, "We are Dundee Owls giving a helping hand".

Susan Gann says they are putting the finishing touches on the hands and will be sending them out by the end of the month. Each hand kit cost $25 and Mrs. Gann foot the bill on her own.

To find out more information about this project, click HERE.

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