Good Samaritan couple rescues man in car wreck

Pinellas County, Florida — It was never what Richard Glenn and his wife, Deanna, expected.

"We were gonna go up the street to grab some ice cream," Richard said.

They were taking their new Jaguar out for a spin Saturday when a truck going fast missed a turn, rolled, and landed driver-side down in a pond off of Keystone Road in Oldsmar with the driver still inside.

"The next thing we know we're knee deep in pond water trying to pull some guy out of a truck," Glenn said.

There are still divots and skid marks on the road at the scene. The Glenns even had to scale a barbed wire fence to save the man they say may have had moments to live.

"I ran to the truck, got to the front of it where the windshield was, and started hammering as fast as I could at the windshield to try to break it," Richard said.

His hands are still cut up from his efforts to make room for his wife to help the man inside the truck.

"When he finally broke the glass ... I kind of squeezed through and at least helped hold the guy's head in," Deanna said.

It was a split second decision, and it's one the Glenns think anyone would make.

"I actually think most people would go in," she said.

"I don't think you think about saving someone's life, I think you're more or less thinking about doing what's right at the moment," Richard said.

The Good Samaritan couple is humble through it all.

"I'm glad we were there, and I hope he's doing okay," Deanna said.

The driver is still in stable but serious condition at St. Joseph Hospital.


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