Could arthritis drug restore hair to bald men?

St. Petersburg, Florida -- It's the kind of place, where cutting your locks comes, with a side, of "cutting it up."

"Isn't that how Viagra started?" laughs Tim Rinker of Tim's Barber Shop at 2527 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in St. Petersburg.

It's a place all abuzz with the news of a drug that can regrow hair on the bald and beautiful.

MORE: Read the Yale report on the results

"I'll just hand it out to everyone as they walk in, and they'll wonder why they're back every two weeks!" Rinker laughs.

The medication is called Xeljanz. It is usually used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. But, a doctor at Yale University decided to use it on a patient with alopecia universalis who had gone completely bald.

And eight months later, the results are nothing short of "hair-raising."

Would the fellas at Tim's give it a try?

"I feel the older I get, the most I look like Rick Scott," said one smiling customer.

And for the follically challenged now?

"My former friend/roommate started going bald at 25. When I met him at 28 -- he looked like Christopher Lloyd, from 'Back to the Future!' " says the same guy, who hopes never to look like Florida's governor.

The drug has since been submitted for a clinical trial, and it might be years before the public sees Xeljanz offered to the public.

Doctors do say the drug can have potential side effects, like a risk of cancer. The medication also may not work for male pattern baldness and cost tens of thousands of dollars without insurance.


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