Detecting breast cancer early, but could it cost you?

Tampa, Florida -- The latest technology is making mammograms more effective, but patients are warned that not all insurance companies cover the new procedure.

Carolyn Lastoria has had nearly 20 mammograms, but today's was different than the rest.

"I had heard about it on the news," she said. "It's better, more inclusive."

Lastoria had her first 3-D mammogram, which is new technology that doctors say is detecting cancer quicker than before.

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And, she says she could not feel any difference and will get the results in the same amount of time: 24 hours

"We're detecting cancer earlier than before. We're more confident and we also have a less call back rate with 3D mammograms," says Dr. Jennifer Drukteinis, radiologist at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

But although the 3-D mammogram is FDA-approved, not all insurances covers it. In fact, the only a reporter was able to find with that coverage was Blue Cross Blue Shield.

"We'll probably less of a mortality rate with this new mammography," Drukteinis said.

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For Lastoria, she says she's upset that not everyone is covered by their insurance because a test like this could end up saving a life.

If a patient's insurance doesn't cover 3-D mammograms, many doctors are charging an extra $40 to $75. But in Hillsborough County, most centers aren't charging when it comes to the test and hope more insurance companies will jump on board. The best advice, patients need to check their coverage before getting the exam.


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