Group pushes for warning labels on energy drinks

Energy drinks are popular with a lot of people including teenagers, but they may not realize the drinks have been linked to health issues and even death.

A consumer group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, wants the Food and Drug Administration to add warning labels to energy drinks.

The labels would warn that high levels of caffeine may cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, convulsions or death.

The group says energy drinks including 5 Hour Energy, Monster and Rockstar, have been linked to 17 deaths since 2012 and a total of 34 deaths in the past decade.

CSPI executive director, Michael Jacobson wants to know "How many deaths will it take to get the FDA to protect consumers from energy drinks, with their high levels of caffeine and untested herbal and chemical ingredients?"

"Since the first batch of adverse event reports became public, the death count has essentially doubled, with dozens more injured. Yet the FDA is just standing by—no public warnings, no regulations, no testing required—nothing."

The American Beverage Association insists energy drinks are safe.
You can read more about the herbs and chemicals in these drinks by clicking on the link below.


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