Brain power in a pill

Tampa, FL -- Researchers from the University of South Florida have created a new supplement that aims to improve your memory.

Dr. Paula Bickford has been researching aging and brain repair for more than two decades. The USF professor has discovered that NutraStem, a pill that combines blueberries and green tea, can offer benefits well beyond antioxidants.

"What this product does is, it helps to make more new brain cells," said Dr. Bickford, a USF Health/VA neuroscientist.

After years of research and development they knew they were on to something, but needed more medical evidence to support it.

"Just because you have results in animals doesn't mean that it will work in humans," said Dr. Brent Small.

In this case, the study shows that it did work. USF researchers tested two small groups of patients. They found the group taking NutraStem saw a significant improvement in memory.

Researchers admitted that you could just eat a few pints of blueberries and drink a couple gallons of green tea, but you would not receive the same benefits as taking the pill itself.

Dr. Bickford, who is part owner of the company that makes NutraStem, believes in the pill so much she takes NutraStem herself and expressed that it gives her more energy.

"I use my brain a lot, because I'm a scientist. I think it helps me in that way, to stay more alert," said Dr. Bickford.

Dr. Brent Small, who also part of the research group, explained that this is just the beginning and foresees more groups of people who could benefit from NutraStem.

"We didn't focus on people with age or people with Alzheimer's," said Small. "That's the next step for us."

You can get your own bottle of NutraStem at area Publix stores, a month's supply runs about $20.


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