TGH doctors can now vacuum out blood clots

New groundbreaking vascular procedure at TGH

It's called AngioVac and it could mean the difference between life and death for cardiac patients who are at risk for blood clots.

"Now we have these techniques where we can actually suck that clot out with this vacuum and provide an entirely clean channel," said Dr. Bruce Zwiebel, vascular and interventional radiologist at Tampa General Hospital.

AngioVac is a procedure where a catheter with a vacuum is inserted into a vessel and the clot removed via suction.


The procedure is visionary because it replaces old techniques of either melting the clot with medication or trapping it within the vessel itself.

"Sometimes we would try to balloon or put a stent in and wallpaper the clot against the wall," said Zwiebel.

Click here for more info from TGH on the procedure

In addition to being less invasive, the recovery period is minimal with some patients out of the hospital within a day instead of up to a week.

And despite the AngioVac being a new technology, TGH physicians are already masters.

"At the CAMLS Center in downtown, physicians travel from all over the country to learn this procedure," said Zwiebel.

This is cutting-edge technology already perfected at Tampa General Hospital, and that's great news for the community because this resource is here and available.


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