Vanquish: Radio waves heat away fat cells

Tampa, Florida - The new Vanquish technology exists in only 20 places around the world, and one of those places is right here in Tampa.

It's a new cosmetic procedure that claims to get rid of fat by just using radio waves. The doctor says it only takes 30 minutes per session, and you can even do it on your lunch break.

CLICK:Vanquish at the Vein and Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay

"Vanquish is an RF energy unit that will selectively heat fat cells without damaging skin or muscles or other tissues," said Dr. Jeffrey Hunt, the head of the Vein and Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay. "It has a spacer device that keeps it about an inch away from the skin and you turn it on and it feels like a heating pad. It brings the skin temperature to up to about 101 degrees, which is very safe, and it brings the fat cells to up to about 120 degrees. The fat cells die, they disappear, and they don't get replaced."

Nancy Floto is a grandmother who's undergoing her second treatment. "I work out quite a bit and I'm getting up there in age and I can't seem to get rid of stuff around the belly," said Nancy.

She's also someone who Dr. Hunt considers a perfect candidate. She's not too overweight and just wants to tone up. Dr. Hunt claims if you measure a patient after four weeks after doing a series of weekly treatments, the average person has lost one dress size or one pant size, which is about two inches around the waist.

Right now, Vanquish only treats the front of the abdomen and love handles, but soon Dr. Hunt saysthey'll have different hand pieces which will allow areas around your thighs and calves to also be treated.

So, what's the cost? Dr. Hunt says Vanquish will run you about $2,000 for a series of four treatments, one treatment per week. The procedurehas alsobeen cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

Finally, we asked University of South Florida electrical engineering professor Ismail Uysalabout treating fat cells with radio waves and hesent us this response: "I'll need to do some research on this - although in theory you can increase the temperature of fat cells with radio waves, I'm not sure how you can safely target just the fat cells without damaging any protein issue."


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