Hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak at FSU, what you need to know

FSU students were put on alert this week with a warning about the outbreak. At least a dozen students have confirmed cases.  
"I was kind of scared because no one wants to catch this viral disease." said one student. nip itAnother student was glad she got a warning. "I like the idea that they're trying to nip it in the bud before anything else happens or it gets worse."
Dr. Michael Brown is the Director of Pediatrics at Bayfront Health.  He says while Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease is most common in young children, he's not surprised too see an outbreak on a college campus. "The virus just likes humans; so if it gets onto the campus, it would be very easy to have an outbreak because it's a very contagious virus."
Dr. Brown says there are several symptoms to look for, "Maybe a little sniffle, you don't feel that good to just having some sores in your mouth, but you can also have the sores on the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet. You can even get a generalized rash all over."
I shared the story on Facebook and got a ton of responses from adults who have had hand, foot, and mouth disease.
Brad says: "For 2 days the sores on my feet were so painful I had to crawl to the bathroom."
And Donna shared pictures saying "I had this last fall and it was awful.  All the skin peeled off my hands and the bottoms of my feet. I lost everyone of my fingernails.
The symptoms can last as long as 10 days, but you can still be contagious for several weeks. The virus can also live outside the body for 24 hours. So keeping surfaces clean and good hand washing will be the key to preventing this virus from spreading.  
Since it's a virus, the only treatment is pain relievers and rest.  Also, there are several strains of this virus, so it is possible to get it multiple times.


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