Women: Masters of manipulation?

A woman can manipulate her voice to sound sexier and make her more attractive to a man. When men try, they tend to strike out! That's according to a new study from Penn State Harrisburg.

The study titled "The Perception and Parameters of Intentional Voice Manipulation," by Susan M. Hughes, Justin K. Mogilski, and Marissa A. Harrison, was published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.

For the study, researchers asked 40 participants, 20 from each sex, to manipulate their voices to portray four traits: attractiveness, confidence, dominance, and intelligence. They then compared these samples to normal speech.

According to the Abstract: Women's manipulated voices were judged as sounding more attractive than their normal voices, but this was not the case for men. In contrast, men's manipulated voices were rated by women as sounding more confident than their normal speech, but this did not hold true for women's voices. Further, women were able to manipulate their voices to sound just as dominant as the men's manipulated voices, and both sexes were able to modify their voices to sound more intelligent than their normal voice.

Men's Health Magazine suggests five tricks to make yourself seem sexier. They include speaking confidently, wearing red, keeping the stubble, smiling, and losing the cologne. Read the whole article on the Men's Health website.


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