10 Investigates: We're Fighting for You

10 Investigates is looking out for your safety, your rights, your health, and your pocketbook. The following is a variety of stories done by our entire investigative team that help protect you.

Our first story: how would you feel if you found out a fugitive was living next door? 10 Investigates looked into how thousands of felons are escaping justice, simply by crossing state lines.

The biggest reason is because law enforcement doesn't want to pay to bring some of the criminals in.

When it comes to taking care of our children, many of us believe no one will ever be as good as the parent. But sometimes, we have to entrust someone else.

In the past few months, we reported on some issues at drop-in day cares at certain gyms in Tampa Bay. So we wanted to know, who regulates these day cares and what questions should YOU be asking?

There's a plumbing company that customers say are making matters worse, rather than fixing the problem. The state is now taking action after 10 Investigates brought this report.

If you're looking for a permanent option for birth control but don't want to go under the knife, you may have considered Essure. It's an FDA-approved device done right in the doctor's office to tie your tubes. But 10 Investigates complications are arising where women are having serious issues and are forced to remove the device.

Imagine if someone came to you and told you they're buying your home... even if it's not for sale. But even worse, you must accept their offer, even if you've paid more for their home!

It's happening right here in the Bay area, and it's all legal. Now one condo community is taking the matter to court.

Fungal infections, Hepatitis B, even HIV: experts say these are the potential risks of visiting a nail salon that's not properly sanitizing their equipment between customers.

We have a list of local salons written up by the state and what you can look for to keep your fingers and toes free from infection.


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