Driver claims self-defense in Silks accident

Palm Harbor, Florida -- "What am I supposed to do for the rest of my life, wheel around in a wheel chair because this guy wanted to act like a tough guy."

That's what bouncer Doug Berube said after he was run over Friday night in the parking lot of the Silks Club on U.S. 19 in Palm Harbor. The Florida Highway Patrol has been distributing video of the man it says is responsible.

While the bouncer is saying the man who ran him over was the aggressor, the man police are looking for says it was the other way around.

And the driver's attorney, Barry Cohen, says the videotape of the incident shows his client, a 29-year-old businessman, Jack Aube, is telling the truth is and is actually the victim as this is a case of stand your ground.

Cohen says. "Jack Aube is my client and he did absolutely nothing wrong on this evening."

And while the video released by the Florida Highway Patrol may look incriminating and FHP has been saying Aube is guilty of a hit and run, Cohen says the bouncer was actually the aggressor. The incident occurred after the bouncer Berube got into an altercation with another man who pulled a gun and drove away.

The involved in the first confrontation was a friend of Aube's and after the first car left, Berube went up to Aube's car.

Cohen says "And the bouncer and another DJ come to his car without any provocation, stick their hands through his window , grab him by the shirt and start cursing at him."

According to Cohen the two men were yelling "MF, get out of the car you MF this and you MF that."

At that point Aube says he was scared to death and was petrified what these guys were doing and so he drives off.

Meantime, Aube says he didn't know he had run over anyone until people told him his picture was being shown on TV as a hit-and-run suspect. However, Cohen says it wasn't a hit and run, but actually similar to a stand your ground case because Aube was in fear for his life.

Cohen says "And he had a right to protect himself and he had right to get out of there as they say get out of dodge quickly when these two guys who appear to be goons are trying to pull him out, grab him by his face by his throat and his clothes."

Aube adds, " trying to pull me out the window."

And Cohen says," And he doesn't know what these guys have in mind."

10 News was there as Cohen called the Florida Highway Patrol and worked out a deal to turn his client in Wednesday. While Aube will likely be charged with hit and run and aggravated assault, Cohen says no charges should be filed and his confident Aube will be vindicated.


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