FL Rep. pleads to Gov.: Save these people's homes

Dunedin, Florida -- State Rep Carl Zimmerman, D-Dunedin, is asking Governor Rick Scott to stop thousands of condo owners from being forced out of their homes.

As 10 Investigates first reported last year, it's all because of a state law that allows groups who purchase the majority of condos in a complex to throw the remaining owners out.

Zimmerman has written a two-page letter imploring the governor to take action immediately to stop large corporations from evicting homeowners who are up-to-date on the mortgages and all their fees

Madison Oaks in Palm Harbor is a prime example. A corporation bought more than 80 percent of the units here, and now is using 7-year-old state law to try to force the other owners out at a price named by the corporation. This means many will be on the street and under water and that is why Zimmerman says he is turning to the governor.

According to Zimmerman, who addressed the governor in his news conference Wednesday afternoon, "You sir can fix it. Only you can save these homeowners right now, but you have to act before Sept. 5 -- the next meeting of one of the condo boards or they may lose their deed."

Stephanie Krasowski who has been offered half of what she paid for her condo, faces eviction and would be $50,000 in debt if the governor doesn't step in.

Ask she explains, she would owe the money, "On a place I no longer would be living in, have no ownership right to, but the debt would still be mine through no fault of my own."

A bill was introduced last session in the legislature, but it didn't get out of committee. Now, several powerful lawmakers on board and it looks like there is a better chance it will pass this year.

However, several condo owners throughout the state might already be forced out of their units before then unless Governor Scott steps in and puts a stop to the practice which Zimmerman says is unconstitutional.


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