PSTA execs reject calls to resign

Clearwater, Florida -- There are calls for resignations for some top officials in charge of the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) after 10 Investigates stories about the misuse of federal funds.

PSTA is now getting called out for not only misusing the funds, but also lashing out at critics who called them out.

As we've been reporting, PSTA was supposed to use the federal money to help protect bus riders from terrorists instead of promoting the transit tax, Greenlight Pinellas. The agency was forced to return $354,000 and could face federal criminal and civil charges.

Opponents of the tax say those in charge abused their positions and need to go.

Dr. David McKalip, a frequent critic of PSTA and an opponent of the transit tax, says, "This government agency the PSTA has lost the trust of the voters because of the scandal of how they use tax money now.

However, neither CEO Brad Miller nor Chairman Ken Welch, who have been frequent targets of McKalip's blog The Sunbeam Times have any intention of stepping down.

Welch, speaking mainly to McKalip as well as others calling for him to step down, said at Wednesday's board meeting, "So my answer to you is consistent, not only -- no, will I not resign, but heck no I will not resign."

And despite the fact the agency angrily trashed 10 Investigates' stories about misusing federal money to push the transit tax as being false at the previous board meeting, now, it is admitting we were right.

Welch admitted, "This organization made a mistake with the handling of that grant. The information we had at our last meeting was not accurate."

And Miller added, "Any organization makes mistakes and we have made mistakes, but we are learning from them."

But instead of losing support, both the chairman and CEO got a unanimous vote of confidence from the board.


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