10 News exclusive: victim recounts I-75 crash

Ellenton, Florida - We're learning more about what happened at the moment of impact in the fatal I-75 crash.

Florida Highway Patrol has identified the victims of the multi-vehicle wreck, but we still do not know the name of the person killed.

We spoke with one victim just out of the hospital tonight - who says he never saw the semi-truck coming.

"I just felt it -- didn't see anything, extremely violent. Now I am scared, angry, confused - don't know why it happened."

This victim asked not to be shown on camera but we spoke to him at his home, his crutches by his side.

We have learned who was in the wreck: FHP says the driver of the semi truck Wadel Jones from New Orleans, didn't see the stopped traffic and caused a chain reaction crash.

There were 5 other vehicles involved with 8 people total including two little boys: an 11-year-old and a one-year-old. The injuries ranged from serious to minor, "Physically right now it's hard to walk ..." said the one victim.

Sadly the person driving the vehicle which went up in flames died at the scene.

Tonight at the scene, the bridge, appeared like things were back to normal from a distance, but it you drove over that bridge, you could see the screech marks on the pavement then on the concrete you could see the charcoaled surface where the fiery explosion happened.

"I saw the smoke, after i was pulled out of the wreckage, heard the explosion. It was a split second, spinning around, bouncing inside the cab. I remember one woman, I never got her name, she took a blanket from her car and laid me down and tried to console me."

More information about victims and FHP report here:


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