10 News helps with $1,000 mammogram bill

Tampa, Florida -- "My mom had breast cancer, so I started early, in my 40's."

Linda Conley didn't think twice before making her regularly scheduled mammogram appointment at a hospital this past April.

"I called them, and asked how much it would cost. They told me, cash, $96, and with insurance $80," she said.

But after the procedure, what came in the mail a few weeks later was very different.

"I have this bill for $900. I couldn't understand it."

That began her crusade to find out how a simple mammogram at Memorial Hospital in Tampa turned into what looked like a bill for $997.82. About $96 for the mammogram, about $65 in fees to read the mammogram, and $836 for a facility fee.

"If they had been more up front, I would have gone to a more traditional mammography place, " she said.

Conley says after multiple calls to Memorial all she got was a runaround and was told she would have to pay the whole bill. To dispute it she would have to wait six months, after creditors came calling.

That would have affected her credit score.

Conley fought for months, but the day 10 News got involved, she said she is off the hook. She says a hospital representative told her they were working with a new billing company.

"Apparently it wasn't a bill, but it didn't say it wasn't a bill. There was nothing on it that said it wasn't a bill."

But questions still remain. Like: if Conley had paid the nearly $1,000 bill that wasn't a bill, would she have ever gotten that money back?

A spokesperson for Memorial Hospital told 10 News the hospital is "evaluating how billing statements are labeled."

When we asked about whether the facility would be changing its billing procedures -- we got no comment.

If you've had a similar problem, with Memorial, email me, at dlim@wtsp.com or send me a message on Facebook.


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