Attorney for injured bouncer discounts driver's defense

Palm Harbor, Florida -- Doug Berube is a security guard and a big guy, but not big enough to stop a car.

Surveillance video from last Friday night shows Berube being run over in the parking lot of Silks Club in Palm Harbor where he works.

The driver of the vehicle is 29-year-old Jack Aube, represented by attorney Barry Cohen who said his client feared for his life when Berube and the club DJ came to his car and started demanding he get out.

"They put their hands through his window, grabbed his shirt, and started cursing at him, MF get out of the car, MF this, MF that, get out of the car," said Cohen.

Cohen described Aube's actions as classic stand your ground, because he feared for his life. Aube is expected to surrender Wednesday.

But Doug Berube's attorney Mark Roman sat down with 10 News and said that defense is too convenient.

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"Stand your ground is all the rage among defense attorneys these days. People think these days they can act with impunity," said Roman.

Roman says Berube just wanted to talk with Aube about someone else he was with in the club who had taken off after pulling a gun inside. Roman says Cohen's argument that Aube didn't know he had run someone over falls apart when you look at the video.

"He was run over and whoever did it had to know they had run over a human being or a telephone pole," said Roman. "The video speaks for itself. The car lifts up like it's going over a speed bump."


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