Bay area beauty salon offers therapy sessions

10News reporter Tammie Fields explains how mental health experts here in the Bay area are finding new, easier ways to offer their services to heal the hurt.

It seems these days so many people are angry or troubled by something that they just can't work through. Some mental health experts here in the Bay area are finding new easier ways to offer their services to heal the hurt.

Life, Balance and Beauty in Riverview may look like a typical beauty salon, but it's not. You can get a massaging shampo to cleanse and rinse your troubles away but with a twist.

"When women come to the beauty salon - we talk about so many different things - and sometimes when they say something my response will get them to think," Fayola Caines said. 

That's because Caines is not only a hair stylist there but she's also part of a team of licensed specially-trained mental health therapists willing to listen if you need someone to talk your problems through.

"I've given them different techniques to help them at home with their teens, their husbands, their partners ... even with themselves ... and they just open up, and I'm just happy to be able to do that and make them feel better."

Kelly Lehman also likes to help people look and feel better. She's a personal fitness trainer who worked for years as a licensed mental health therapist in North Carolina before moving to the Bay area. While Lehman doesn't currently counsel the clients she works with out of the Snap Fitness in Lithia, she likes the idea of one day merging the two.

She said so many people still have a preconceived idea of what therapy looks like.

"I've never had anyone lay on a couch in my office. In fact, a lot of times as a therapist I tended to have the best sessions with people when we were actively engaged ... whether we took a walk out in around the building or in the area or playing a card game."

Back at Life, Balance and Beauty, busy clients say they like the idea whether they take advantage of it or not.

Quewanda Bennett is one of Caine's regular customers. "You can come in and have your counseling service, get a massage, get your makeup done .... you're just ready to go, instead of going place to place."

Fay said at Life, Balance and Beauty they offer a lot of different services like hair and makeup services, eyebrow waxing, and massage therapy, but many of the people who come here don't even sign up for mental health services. Fay said it's good for them to know that if something should pop up in their lives, they can."

"So when our clients do come no ones knows what they're coming here for ... and that's the beauty of it. It's best to work inside out. And it's okay to fix the outer while you're going through it, but at the same time at least seek professional help and so you're able to work through it and live a successful life without continuing to revisit the low point," Caines said.

"I remember even when my mom passed ... I kind of went through something and I went to my friend and said just do my hair so that when I cry I can look in the mirror and I can be like, 'ha ha, I'm cute,' you know," Caines added.

She said that therapy isn't just for adults either. She specializes in working with teens as well as those suffering from PTSD or struggling with marital problems.


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