Biker OK after being hit by lightning in St. Pete

A man is lucky to be alive after the National Weather Service reported a lightning strike in St. Petersburg on Sunday afternoon. Witnesses say he was zapped at a gas station.

Emergency responders say lightning is unpredictable and when it's coming you better get out of its way.

Witnesses say a group of bikers were at the pump when lightning struck.

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"Like a boom!" That's what the owner of the BP gas station Matt Yaghoubi says he heard. "This sound was different - I see a silver lining. Sparking!"

Witnesses say the victim walked into the store with his hands in the air - in shock. "The guy who got hit his hands were shaking. The man holding him said he could feel it."

Emergency crews showed up to check him out. Meanwhile, all the pumps automatically shutdown. They had to turn away business for hours.

When asked if he cared about the amount of business he lost, Yaghoubi said, "It doesn't matter. I am happy nothing happened to him, you don't want that to happen at your business. I am tired but not thinking about that," said the owner.

Officials say the victim walked out of the store and walked away uninjured. He also refused treatment. They don't believe it was a direct hit.

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