Bird species in trouble in Pinellas County

Pinellas Park, Florida - Some endangered birds called least terns are now reportedly falling to their death in Pinellas Park.

Experts say about 80 birds are flying in Pinellas County and it's estimated there are 40 nests atop the roof of the Kee Action Sports building off 34th Street North in Pinellas Park. Volunteers have been working to save them since the 1990's.

There's a sign in the hedge that reads: Posted: No Trespassing. This was posted because the person renting says it became a liability issue having volunteers here.

Environmental Activists say the Least Tern birds need help, "Of 120 rooftops occupied since 1996 in this county this is the only land owner who has ever said No."

These birds have already been pushed from the beaches, now they nest on gravel/tar rooftops – and experts say that's risky.

"Rooftops have an edge - you can't fall off the beach - but the building they fall and hit the parking lot, get run over by cars." Said
Dave Kandz from the Audubon Society.

For years the Audubon Society and its volunteers have rescued chicks, bandaged and banded them and used a pole to put them back in their habitat. Not anymore. The property owner won't let them.

We reached out to K Barger Realty to find out why but the did not respond.

In an email their response to volunteers is short: we do not want chick checking to be done.

"It's a liability issue if they are getting on the roof or using a pole to reach the roof. But as far as walking the parking lot - can't stop them." Jeff Rot of KEE Action Sports who is renting here and says he has seen broken eggs and even chicks in the parking lot.

Activists say this roof is double the size of nests that were there last year. They estimate close to 70-80 Least Terns which could be saved wont be.


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