Cheerleader's lawyer in Bucs' lawsuit speaks

Orlando, Florida -- More cheerleaders are expected to join the lawsuit against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That is according to the lawyer representing the cheerleader who already filed suit. She says that the organization is violating Florida's minimum wage laws and says it's time to pay up.

Since former Buccaneer cheerleader Manouchcar Pierre-Val filed a lawsuit against the Tampa Bay Bucs for pay wages on Monday she hasn't spoken publicly but she has taken to social media.

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She posted on Facebook that several of people feel that she is in the right and that no one before her was brave enough to say anything.

But her attorney Kimberly Woods has no problem speaking out.

"You're looking at $800 these girls could earn per season," says Woods. "When you add up games, practices, community events, the total comes to less than $2 dollars an hour, and that's and that's nothing to cheer about."

"They really are making a significant low wage when you compare the players, you compare the mascots. It's a gross discrepancy," adds Woods.

But some former cheerleaders say this lawsuit is what's gross.

"To hear someone is suing for the amount of pay? It's very frustrating to hear about this, it's ruining that legacy," says Lauren Spires.

Spires cheered for the Bucs for five seasons and admits that up until the past couple of years, she never got paid.

"You don't do this for the money, you go because you love your team, you love to perform. You want to be out in the community and support charities," says Spires.

Spires says the $100 per game is an added bonus and says anyone cheering for the team knows what they are getting into.

"We had a whole meeting what's expected to do, so to sue after the fact it's your lost," says Spires.

This is the fifth NFL team so far this year where a cheerleader has filed suit against the team. In Buffalo, the Bills responded by getting rid of their cheerleaders all together.

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