Clearwater feels safer with extra security

Clearwater, Florida -- After the shootings on Memorial Day weekend, Clearwater Police are beefing up their presence this 4th of July.

This is the first holiday weekend since the Memorial day shootings on Clearwater Beach. On Memorial day a group of people started arguing near the Hyatt Regency and at least one of the suspects fire several shots into a large crowd, injuring two people.

While police suspect the event was gang related, they are taking no chances with the 4th of July weekend. Police say they have added more patrols, similar to what they do during spring break.

One woman from New York said, "A neighbor decided not to come down. Before I left the house i said a prayer, 'Let everyone be happy, enjoy the day - freedom.' And lets get along and have fun."

Local resident Jennifer Harkins is staying at the Hyatt Regency where the Memorial Day shooting took place.

"I think I've seen one - a security guard from the Hyatt. No extra patrols."

While she hasn't seen the promised extra police presence, she says she feels safe. "I think they are on patrol and aware. They'd be here right away, but walking around, making everyone nervous and scared -- I don't think is the right thing to do."

Other beachgoers say they've noticed the extra security, "I passed four already on this short walk -- patrols on the beach, riding bikes, couple police boats -- plenty around."

These patrols aren't specifically focused on gun safety - they are also looking for alcohol, pet, parking, public disturbance offenses.

VIDEO: Clearwater Police Chief Anthony Holloway on added security

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