Community 'haunted' one week after deadly plane crash

A community is in mourning tonight after a father and daughter were killed while walking Casperson Beach in Sarasota County last weekend when a plane made an emergency landing and hit them.

Tonight the community came back out to pay their respects.

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"Well i brought a box of tissues. I see this as a healing mechanism," said Corinne Delutis, who initiated this community gathering.

A remembrance for 9 year old Oceana Irizarry and her father Ommy. He was an Army Srgt. She was about to be a fourth-grader. They were killed when a small plane made an emergency crash landing on the beach.

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"It really pulls at your heartstrings," said Delutis.

"Oh I hope it's not the same family I just seen," says one of the witnesses who says he spoke with the family minutes before the crash. He recalls the moment he saw the crash, "I wasn't so sure. I ran as fast as I could."

This is what he saw: a plane, a pilot and passenger uninjured, and a tragic realization that it was in fact, it was the same family.

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"I still feel a little haunted by it. She was just a small little girl," he said.

And the community is too. They are still praying. "All of a sudden everyone rallied around," said Delutis.


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