Complex's music irks Lakewood Ranch woman

Lakewood Ranch, Florida -- When Marilyn Kline bought her home six years ago in Lakewood Ranch's Greenbrook community the nature preserve in her backyard helped close the deal.

"The wildlife that comes back here to sit out here it's so relaxing," Kline said.

Relaxing until a few months ago, Kline said. On the other side of the trees and wall along the back of her property is State Road 70 and The Sports Premier Campus with its 140 acres with 22 playing fields.

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"If it's just sports, we're OK with that," Kline said.

Except earlier this year when the campus added family activities a Winterfest with music and a live band.

"(At) 11:30 we got bounced of bed they turned the music up," Kline said.

Three weeks, later Kline says they heard the loud music again at 7 a.m. during a 5k run called the Color Vibe, except this time she says the music's bass shook her house for four hours.

"You can feel it in the floor, you can feel it in the walls. It's a constant thumping, thumping, thumping make me a nervous wreck," Kline said.

A night time version of the same 5k race called Neon Vibe is scheduled for Aug. 23.

"I have no problem with the sporting event but the music event I do have a problem with, they do impact us," she says.

Lakewood's developer Schroeder Manatee Ranch opened the sports campus more than a year ago.

The campus's sports director, Antonio Salviano, says the events are good for the community.

Despite Kline's complaints, Manatee County officials say The Premiere Sports Campus is following the county's noise ordinance under a special permit for sporting and cultural events.

"All I am asking Schroeder Manatee is to be a good neighbor. They need to take into account that people live here this is our home," she said.


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