Diebold claims skimmer-proof ATM device

St. Petersburg, Florida – As the number of cases that involve skimming devices installed on ATM increases across the Bay area, an Ohio-based company unveiled what it calls the "world's most secure anti-skimming card reader."

"What enables all kinds of skimmers to work is the fact that you're inserting your card in the direction of that magnetic stripe reader," said Frank Natoli Jr., executive vice president and chief innovation officer of at Diebold.

The product, called ActiveEdge, shifts the card's insertion angle by 90 degrees, part of the method it uses to thwart devices installed on ATMs to steal the information on a card strip information and PIN.

With skimming devices easily purchased online at reasonable prices, experts say don't leave it to the company to fix the problem. Consumers need to be on their game.

"Whenever you give your credit card to somebody just make sure you track it don't just get involved with a 15-minute conversation while the credit card is away and the waiter is ringing up the bill somewhere else," said Sri Sridharan, managing director of the Center for Cybersecurity at the University of South Florida.

Sridharan offers tips that reduce the risk of becoming a victim in an age where criminals continue to become more tech savvy.

He advises consumers use cash whenever possible, but if you must use a card then go with credit because it is easier to challenge the card with the issue than your bank.

"What we need to do is to use technology in smart way, educating the consumers to beware of what they would be doing to protect themselves," he said.

Target, which was hit by hackers last year, will start issuing credit and debit MasterCard chip-and-PIN cards, which has been used in Europe for years and considered more secure.

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