Dog daycare disputes details in pet death

Tampa, Florida -- The Royal Pets Market and Resort in Carrollwood, describes itself as a one-stop shop, where pets can stay, play, and be groomed. But what happened at the facility last month, broke Alberto and Amy Porras' hearts.

"Having to see her body in the morgue, it was a surreal experience," said Alberto.

The Porras's never had children, but opted for pugs instead, and say their beloved 5-year-old, Chloe, was neglected and left outside in the heat too long, and died from heatstroke.

"I still have nightmares, till this day," says Alberto.

The pet resort released a statement, which in part, says: "As pet parents, [ourselves] we are extremely saddened by her [the family's] tragic loss."

According to the necropsy, Chloe's temperature was 109 degrees, and documents list heatstroke as probable cause of death.

But, Royal Pets maintains they didn't know Chloe had a "pre-existing condition", where a small airway, led to vomiting before the heatstroke.

From here, the facts become blurred. The Porras family attorney says the resort initially claimed Chloe was outside longer than 15 minutes. The resort claims the dog was in an indoor space with an outdoor play area for no more than 15 minutes, and at 8:30 in the morning, the dog should have been fine, had it not been for the medical condition.

We checked the 10 News weather archives, and found the morning temperature the day Chloe died, to be around 80-degrees, with a heat index in the mid 80's.

Even so, a vet we spoke with, says heatstroke can set in after as little as 10 minutes, with, or without any prior conditions.

"It can happen to anyone at any time," says Kathryn Bennett of Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists in Largo.

One more note: the supervisor who watched Chloe, was suspended, after the dog died. 10 News asked the resort—why the suspension, if this person did nothing wrong. The daycare said it was a "temporary matter", and that person was reinstated, after the necropsy.


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