Dooley released, Spring Hill neighbors not happy

Spring Hill, Florida -- Trevor Dooley, the 72-year-old convicted of losing his temper and gunning down a Valrico man in 2010 will spend tonight in the comfort of his own home, not jail.

A judge has decided Dooley, who was convicted of manslaughter a couple of weeks ago, does not pose enough of a safety or flight risk to keep him behind bars while he appeals his conviction.

He walked out of jail shortly before 5 p.m. Monday.

Theneighborhood has no shortage of kids, basketball hoops and neighbors who wonder why a judge would let a convicted killer out at all.

Dooley's family movedto Spring Hill, away from the Valrico neighborhood where Dooley shot and killed 41-year-old David James in front of his 8-year-old daughter.

The two men were arguing over skateboarding on a local basketball court.

The judge, citing Dooley's age and lack of a previous criminal record, is allowing Dooley to stay home while he appeals his conviction and eight-year prison sentence.

In Spring Hill, that decision isnot being met with enthusiasm.For example, at Springstead High School, just a couple of blocks from the Dooley's new home.

Nick Piano, a student heard the judge's reasoning, but still feels "murder is murder."

"I live two blocks away... that's a little scary," said classmateKayleigh Eichenlaub.

Students, troubled by the news, say there's certainly no shortage of skateboarders around here.

"I think [there is] a lot of them. A lot of the guys I notice 'cause I walk in the afternoons," said student Melissa Vargas, "and a lot of the guys are skateboarding by. It's faster."

And there's no shortage of basketball courts and parks either.There are several of themat Spring Hill Christian Academy, another school, also walking distance from Dooley's new house.

"It's concerning," saidMike Willis, principal at the school.

Willis says he's responsible for the welfare of hundreds of children, and he, like neighbors, is troubled.

He says he is unmoved by Dooley's age, the fact that he'll have to wear a monitoring device, or even the lack of any previous history of violence.

"Ankle bracelets don't keep people away," said Willia, "and uh, 72... and I don't know the gentleman, but 72 isn't as old as it used to be. People are still quite active at that age. Who's to say?"

Deputies will set Dooley's house up with amonitoring system.He will only be allowed to leave here, according to officials,for court appearances in Tampa.

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