'Doomsday prepper' enters plea deal

Valrico, Florida -- Two months after being arrested by federal authorities, Martin Winters admits he illegally designed, built and sold destructive devices and did so without proper federal authorization.

According to a plea agreement , an undercover federal agent met at Winters' home and purchased five destructive devices called "rod holders" for one hundred dollars.

Three months later, Winters met with the same agent where he disassembled a destructive device for the agent and explained the construction of it, stating the design was his own.

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"The plea deal is a statement of intention to plead guilty," said Todd Foster, former FBI special agent and federal prosecutor. Foster says the plea deal indicates the feds want more information.

"He's agreed to provide information to the government. Then the government needs to make the evaluation is the information worth while to us and can we put it to some enforcement use," said Foster.

Winters must also surrender all weapons, parts, and information used to create the weaponry that federal law enforcement considers a threat.

"The government had a heightened level of interest in this fellow. I don't know what they based that on, but it appears that they were certainly interested in him," said Foster.

Prior to Winters' plea of gilty, his daughters never stopped defending him and professed their father's innocence.

"It's not like he's preparing to hurt anyone. Ever. That's not his intention," said Tracie Winters.

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