"Vampire Facelift" arrives in Tampa

Tampa, Florida-- Vampires- they're parasites of the underworld. They use their sharp fangs to pierce necks in a blood-lust ritual. That is what most people think of when you say vampire, but in 2013, there is a new meaning.

In Hollywood, blood IS beauty, and some of the biggest stars are hungry for it. It's called the "Vampire Facelift", and now it has come to Tampa.

The first moments of this new cosmetic procedure beginin the medical office of Dr. Charles Talakkottur, and while it may be cutting edge, not a single knife is used. There is no cutting, no stitches, no pulling.

Dr. Talakkottur begins by drawing the patients blood, then, uses a centrifuge, to spin the blood to separate it.

Photos: See the procedure in action!

"Vampire Facelift is a trademarked procedure. We get a portion of the blood that's rich in growth factors which help stimulate collagen for skin renewal that makes you look younger," says Dr. Talakkottur.

After the blood is separated, the patient's face is numbed, and the plasma-rich portion of the blood is injected into the face.

Tabatha Christianson is the patient. Talakkottur talks to her as he performs the procedure.

"I did a little bit there too. I really want to raise that area there. We've got really nice angulation. We're trying to get the same here."

Tabatha wanted to eliminate the hollows under her eyes, reduce the fine lines around her lips and wanted a fuller look to her face, and the doctor achieves what she wants as he injects blood into her face.

"You can see the fullness in the cheek. The jawline is raised a little bit too, and the naso-labial folds are very good actually."

The procedure takes less than hour, and since it's minimally invasive, there is little bruising. Some people even have it done on their lunch break.

As for Tabatha, she loves the result.


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