Family links body found to missing person

St. Petersburg, Florida - A family's hopes are dashed tonight. They say they've learned the awful news that they'll never see their loved one again.

Family members say Robert Medley was last seen a week ago at the Getaway -- about 100 yards away from from where a vigil was held Sunday.

At the vigil, the victim's grandfather said, "He was out in a choke hold from behind, he was hit in the head with a beer bottle, and then he let go. Rob took off."

They say there is no hope whatsoever that he is alive.

They say while Medley may have had troubles with alcohol or the law, he was a good person. His cousin described him as someone who was "a good guy, fun, loved his family, enjoyed his friends." "I am sad, but we need closure. Maybe there is someone here last Sunday evening with answers, so we can grieve and go on properly," he said.

They say the timeline of Medley's disappearance leaves a lot of unanswered questions. A body was pulled from the water off Gandy Boulevard. Tampa Police say it had been in the water about one week.

The family is calling for a criminal investigation, although officials have not linked the body with Medley's disappearance.

Management at the Getaway say they are cooperating with the family, but police have not been in touch with them. They send their condolences.


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