10-foot python named 'Squeezer' on the loose

SEBASTIAN, FL (CBS12) -- Residents along the 800 block of Roseland Road are closing all doors and windows and checking every tree.

They are all looking for the 10-foot, 17-year-old python named Squeezer.

He is a 40 pound rare boa constrictor worth five to six thousand dollars.

Squeezer escaped from his owner's back lanai Wednesday, and by now could be pretty hungry.

"If he does get hungry. He's an animal. He may strike."

These snakes want nothing to do with humans. The most likely place Squeezer the boa constrictor will be found is wrapped around some branch of a nearby tree.

Odds are Squeezer is either stolen for the black market or part of a neighborhood prank.

"He's just under 10 foot now and what we're afraid of is someone panicking when they see him and if someone did let him go, taking an axe or shovel to him and damaging or killing him."

One neighbor is terrified. "I leave my garage door open at night and she said you better keep it shut that snake might get in there," Helen Sheets said.

GALLERY: The Great Florida Python Hunt



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