Amazon customers in Florida to soon pay sales tax

Ruskin, Florida – Two new Amazon distribution centers are under construction in our area.

With one located in Lakeland and the other in Ruskin, it will mean the items that customer order from its site may arrive at their homes than much sooner than ever before.

A 1.1 million square foot site is being erected in Ruskin on 30th St. SE just north of State Route 674, while the Lakeland location will be situated at 1760 County Line Road.

When contacted by 10 News on Wednesday afternoon, an Amazon representative said both locations will employ and estimated 1,000 full-time employees with "highly competitive wages, comprehensive benefits on day one, bonuses and stock awards."

It is hard to argue with a company that is moving into our area to create more jobs.

As a company that previously had no physical location in Florida though, Amazon had the luxury of never charging a sales tax to customers (even though customers are required to pay it, but often aren't aware)

But since Amazon will open these two new facilities, beginning on May 1st, the popular online retailer will begin to charge customers a sales tax.

"We're estimating about $80 million for the first year that Amazon will be collecting sales tax back to the State of Florida," said Crystal Laake with the Florida Retail Federation.

The organization says that Florida has been losing $800 million dollars a year from online retailers with no presences in the Sunshine State and do not charge a sales tax to customers.

While excited about the money that Amazon will contribute to the state's coffers, they continue push efforts to get other online retailers to charges sales taxes to customers, who they say have an unfair advantage over brick-and-mortar stories.

Amazon did not give a specific date for the opening of either location, but said they are moving quickly.

Hiring will begin a few months prior to the opening of each site.

Those interested applying for a position with the company can visit the Amazon Fulfilment website.


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