Crist shifts strategy away from Tampa Bay

St. Petersburg, Florida -- A major change in how Charlie Crist will campaign for governor is coming and it involves shifting away from Tampa Bay.

In some of Charlie Crist's commercials, you see him at his alma mater, St. Petersburg High School, in his hometown of St. Pete. But don't expect to see him around Tampa Bay too often before November's general election.

Tuesday's primary election is basically a formality in the Florida governor's race. Not really a contest -- but a crowning -- of Rick Scott and Charlie Crist as the Republican and Democratic candidates.

But a dramatic change will follow in the locations where Charlie Crist chooses to spend his time asking for votes.

If Crist beats his not-well-funded, not-well-known opponent Nan Rich in the primary, he'll be the fourth straight Democratic nominee for governor to come from the Tampa Bay Area.

Especially Alex Sink and Jim Davis took heat from some supporters for spending too much time too close to home here in the Bay Area.

You won't get that from Charlie Crist.

Crist voted early last week in St. Pete because on Election Day, he'll be rallying voters, not here -- but in Broward County.

Aside from his headquarters, he opened his first campaign office there. He's even rented an apartment in Ft. Lauderdale because he's planning to spend so much time there.

It's all an effort to not take for granted the major Democratic strongholds of Broward and Palm Beach counties. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans there almost exactly two-to-one.

In a big change from recent years, Crist won't be putting as much firepower into swaying voters along the I-4 Corridor.

Instead, he'll be trying to drive turnout of definitely Democratic -- but potentially unexcited -- voters in that section of South Florida.

What are Rick Scott's folks doing about this?

They have a full-time field director working in that area.

And at major recent Crist events, representatives from the Scott campaign have shown up to give an immediate response to reporters.


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