Florida couple in the middle of rocket attack

TEL AVIV, Israel -- Cell phone video obtained by CBS 12 news shows Israeli Defense Forces firing surface to air missiles at Hamas rockets aimed at Tel Aviv.

"It's scary that they're so close, it's so close to home." Says Shani Edery.

Edery and her husband Shay were born in Israel, but now live in South Florida. They took a trip back to the homeland, when the crisis with Hamas and Palestine escalated.

"About three times a day the sirens go off and we have to take cover in bomb shelters."

An Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson says they've suffered minimal civilian casualties because of the iron dome defense system, which Israel utilizes. The surface-to-air missiles target incoming projectiles and blow them up before they hit a populated area.

"You hear the boom---boom boom boom and you know you're safe." says Edery.

An IDF spokesperson reports more than 100 Palestinians have died as a result of Israel's attack on Gaza. The air raids target Hamas militants, prompting rocket fire , but the Edery's are confident they're safe despite what's flying overhead.

"Israeli's stick together, we will be OK." says Edery


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