Invasive python eggs are hatching in SW Florida

NAPLES, Florida (WINK) -- Burmese python eggs are hatching throughout Southwest Florida. The snake is a threat to the state's native wildlife species and that's why the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is asking for your help locating them.

"They're not here to harm us they're just sort of expanding their range, so we're looking to document that range expansion of this non-native invasive reptile."

Ian Bartoszek, a Wildlife Biologist, with the Conversancy of Southwest Florida said burmese python hatchlings will often cross roadways in search of food and water.

You may see more of these snakes because females have been sitting on their eggs for the past two months and the eggs are now hatching.

"This is an egg that the burmese python emerged from, it looks like a potato, and then this would have been the size of that animal from that egg. So, already straight out of the egg they're already two feet."

Bartoszek tells our sister station WINK News they closely studies these snakes to learn their behaviors to use against them in order to manage them. "A lot of time we find these animals dead on the road and we document them. But, when we do encounter them alive we will humanely euthanize them in the wild."

Right now, the conservancy is asking people to report any sightings of these snakes.
Bartoszek said if you do spot one take photos and a get the GPS location. He said then report it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission web page at

If you're standing in front of a large invasive snake, call 1-888-IVE-GOT1.


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