Mom Squad: To spank or not to spank, in schools

To spank or not to spank, in schools? That's the question. Well, when I was in school is wasn't the question, but now more than ever it is. The topic of spanking/paddling/corporal punishment sneaks into the world of the mommy's blogsphere every blue moon, and when it happens, the Mama bear in just about every Mama comes out with an opinion.

So, you're a mom (or dad) at work today and around 9:30, you get a call from your kids school. It's the principal letting you know your kid is in trouble and the school needs your permission to spank them. This could be a reality because three years after banning corporal punishment, elementary schools in Marion County, FL are bringing it back.

It was a hot opinion from members of our Mom Squad on Twitter last Friday, so we thought why not address it this Morning. Before we got their opinions, we laid out the plan on how schools will address spanking.

First of all, it can only be used if a parent gives a standing written approval once a year.

Secondly, the principal must also receive verbal permission before paddling a child.

Thirdly, a student can only be spanked once a semester.


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