GameStop needs fingerprints before sale

Tampa, Florida — The GameStop chain now requires thumbprints from customers as way to keep people from trading in stolen goods for a store credit.

"The first thing that goes through my mind is, 'I'm not a criminal,' " said customer Daniel Velez. "It's kind of unnerving to regular people like me."

But the position is different for local law enforcement. "You're required to give your thumbprint, identification, physical description," said Larry McKinnon, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office public information officer.

He says what is being done is a big help.

"That's to prevent the merchant from buying stolen property and it's also an attempt to slow down the sales," he said.

Capital Pawn shop owner Joseph Cacciatore says the "thumbprint" deterrent is a powerful one.

"You're either gonna plead guilty or plead guilty," he said. "We have their thumbprint, we have their ID, we have them on camera. There's no defense."

Interview: Fingerprinting big-ticket items can help lower crime

GameStop wouldn't let 10 News interview employees on camera but company representative Jackie Smith says the stores have been keeping these records for years.

"Fingerprinting began at least four years ago as per a state ordinance and that's enforced by the Hillsborough County area," Smith said.

But, some customers will still have their differences of opinion.

"I guess I would feel like I'm in a police station," Velez said.

"It's for the best," said David Jairamsingh, who just traded in his Xbox for an Xbox . "Just like when you go to the pawn shop, you want your stuff to be secure."


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