Girl survives after tree crashes into Valrico home

Hurricane Hermine spawned a tornado that ripped through downtown.

Strong winds caused major damage to several cars and homes in the Town and Country mobile home park in Valrico.
It was a terrifying night for the people who live in this Valrico neighborhood when the winds kicked up and trees started snapping in half falling on top of homes, and a 7-year-old girl was inside a room when a tree came down.
"My arm kinda hurts cause the roof fell on my arm," said Jada Hamilton was sitting in the front room by herself watching TV when she says she heard rumbling. "And it just came down and they had to make a tunnel to get me out."
Jada's dad, Reuben immediately tried to get to her. "I called her name once and I didn't hear anything. It got me worried. I called her again and then she answered and then I knew exactly where she was and I started digging through that pile."
Jada says she wasn't scared. "So I had to get out and I just followed the voice of my dad."
Reuben was so proud of Jada. "For her to handle it like she did...she was brave enough to call out, answer when I called out, and brave enough to take her time crawling through that little hole." 
She showed us where she got out. "You see I have to climb out all the trees. So you came out and climbed out on this tree here? Yeah on the thing here ... yeah. "
The family spent much of the day salvaging what they could from their home, but with a new understanding that it's just stuff and stuff can be replaced.
"There's just no words to explain how I feel about being alive and everybody being ok, but looking at the's a miracle. That's all I can say. ... it's a miracle." said Reuben.
The clean up in this neighborhood is going to take some time and some of these people now need to find a new place to live. The Red Cross is helping some of those families.


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