Good Samaritan stops armed robber at a Sarasota CVS

Sarasota, Florida -- Janus Jurisoo moved from Estonia to Sarasota 12 years ago and now owns Tint Pros with his best friend. The 33 year old business owner likes his quiet life but one quick decision has changed all that.

Janus is being called a hero.

"No I'm just a regular dude," says Janus.

A last minute change in lunch plans brought Janus to the CVS on the corner of Fruitville Road and Tuttle Avenue on Sunday. He decided to go kayaking and stopped by the store to buy water, only to find a crime in progress.

Sarasota Police say 65-year-old Freddie Johnson walked into the CVS with what appeared to be a gun in the pocket of his jacket, looking for prescription drugs.

"I saw him threatening the clerk in the front of the store with the gun. 'I'm going to shoot you if you don't stand still' and all that stuff. When I entered he told me the same to shut up or I'll shoot." Janus adds.

As Johnson walked towards the pharmacy Janus told the clerk to call 911 and he began to follow Johnson. Janus says, "He was yelling put all the pills in a bag or I'll shoot."

Janos waits for Johnson to be distracted with the pills and then makes his move. "So I went grabbed his hand suppose to hold a gun took by the neck forced him down."

"I told him not to resist to stay down or I'd punch him too," says Janus. He says, "Police arrived quickly quick response I thank you for that."

While Sarasota's Police Chief Bernadette DiPino does not recommend civilians try stopping a criminal, she is grateful. "To be able to stop a serious offender robbing a store, keeping our community safe, put himself in jeopardy -- to me that person is a hero," says DiPino.

The Police Chief recommends instead of getting involved one should gather as much information as possible and call 911. DiPino says, "We don't ever want our citizens to put themselves at risk."

"If the situation presents itself and you can help, I think you should," says Janus.

Janus says he did what seemed like the right thing and that's why he is surprised by all the media attention. "I'm the same Janos as yesterday, nothing has changed."

Although looking back now at his original Sunday afternoon plans Janus admits, "It was more exciting than kayaking I guess."

As for Johnson, DiPino says he walked into the CVS Pharmacy asking for Oxycodone and Hydromorphone pills. DiPino says, "He was looking at stealing large quantities. He could have been using it to sell or support his habit."

Johnson is charged with one count of armed robbery. Sarasota Police say Johnson is facing another county of armed robbery in a similar crime as he robbed Hedges Pharmacy on February 27, 2014.


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