Hermine hit homes, businesses hard in Crystal River

Nineteen people were evacuated from Crystal River during the storm.

16-year-old McKenzie Kofmehl is taking her flooded out home very hard.  

"She showed up about forty-five minutes ago and saw it and just broke down," said Phillip Kofmehl.

"This is all seaweed," Kofmehl said.

For sixty years Phillip Kofmehl and his family have lived in their Crystal River home and in just a few hours' storm surge from Hermine ruined almost everything.

"You can see the water line and all the debris, there was water in the refrigerator, the stove, the washer," said Kofmehl.

Kofmehl has been cleaning up what he can, he was able to save old photos.

"It's the other things just to start all over we're going to have to gut this whole place," Kofmehl said.

And McKenzie's new room.

"Brand new bedroom suite we just painted this room two weeks ago her brand new suite is totally ruined," said Kofmehl.

Just across US 19 water poured through Southern B's Indoor Flea Market, the owner says he estimates a $30,000 loss from the surge.

"About a half a foot, half of foot the whole building was surrounded it came in from the back and from the front," said Owner Stefan ButinBik.

"I could sit here and cry and fuss all day but what's happened has already happened, this is just a small portion," said Kofmehl.


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