Hermine tides, wind hit Hernando hard

Flooded homes in Weeki Wachee

Hernando County, FL -- In Hernando County, first responders had their hands full Thursday and Friday after lots of people ignored warnings, especially near the coast, to evacuate in the Hermine’s path.

What's even more frightening is that the power was out when many of those rescues were taking place in complete darkness.

It's was a lot drier Friday, giving residents who did leave, an opportunity to see – and in many case - clean up what Hermine left behind.

“Well, it's like getting kicked in the stomach basically,” said Wayne Woodmansee.

It wasn’t what the soon-to-be retired firefighter hoped to find when he came to check on his House in Wickee Wachee. 

“I see a waterline right here,” said Woodmansee, pointing to a dark waterline on his couch.

Woodmansee his wife I planning to retire here in just a few months. Now it’ll need work.

“We just finished remodeling everything in there. All the tile all the wallboards and everything was all done over the last year,” he said.

The waterline on the outside, and the standing water still inside, shows just how intense the flooding got here during the peak of Hermine.

Friday afternoon there was a deceiving calm in the area. Bright skies at times even as the tide was on its way back up over the docks again.

The Hernando County Sheriff assessed the damage from the air.

At the peak of the storm, they saw roads washed out. Debris - everywhere.

But there were also several heroic rescues.

“She was definitely concerned. She needed help,” said Jeff Pittman who helped his pregnant neighbor escape the rising tide.

“Then they came and got her for sure,” he said. “We didn't know what was gonna happen. Power is out. Everyone else left. Cops are driving down the road left and right,” said Pittman.

Throughout the day, Friday, officials were sending out bulletins warning people of more flooding on roads and in neighborhoods.

For some, even more dangerous is the cleanup. All that damage in debris, a potential hazard in and of itself.

Bringing down the limbs that Hermine didn't bring down herself, work crews swarmed Hernando Friday.

How dangerous can it be to try such things on your own?

“Very. I mean if you don't know how the tree is gonna spring or what's gonna happen - now you've  got a trip to the hospital outside of what your intent was to just cut a tree limb down,” warned tree trimmer Don Guilette.

Guilette’s advice - be careful. Especially around those tress and wires.  

“I mean it could be a cable wire it could be actually a high voltage wire. So in essence when you're around the wires it's better to let the professionals do it,” he said.


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