5-year-old drowns in pool

Riverview, Florida -- A Riverview 5-year-old drowned in a pool on Mother's Day. It happened at an apartment complex on Azalea Bloom Way. Some witnesses saw the little boy's body being pulled from the pool and they saw people and then EMTs trying to revive him.

"I saw a lot of people screaming, saw sheriff, saw the little kid. Did not look good," said resident Joseph Gunnoe.

"Nine or ten paramedics ran past me, ran down," said resident Tony Prevette.

It was a quiet scene Sunday night, but witnesses say it was chaotic as people tried to save the child.

"It's not necessary, uncalled for. You gotta watch kids. I am a father-to-be and you have to watch your children," said Gunnoe.

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Sheriff's deputies say the child's parents and other family members were home when the accident happened, but the mother looked away and then couldn't find him.

"It sucks, especially on Mother's Day," said Prevette.

Witnesses say the child was in the pool playing with his football, then something happened.

Deputies continued interviewing witnesses for hours trying to figure out what happened.

Witnesses say this is a tragic and unnecessary accident.


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