Dispatcher meets baby she helped girl deliver

Tampa, Florida -- It was an emotional moment for a Tampa mother as she got to meet the Tampa Fire dispatcher who helped save her newborn son's life and talk her eight-year-old daughter through the delivery.

"I just wanted to say thank you because you were so calm and so wonderful helping Jasmine," said mother, Krystle Garcia.

Garcia gave the dispatcher of 22 years, Emily Hall, a big hug while holding her one-day-old son, Joseph James Snyder.

"Yes, my daughter was the hero, but if it was not for her [Hall] and her being so calm and coaching her through it, it wouldn't have been possible."

"It was scary but she helped me," said eight-year-old Jasmine. "I saw the head coming out. And she [the dispatcher] told me to get towels."

The 911 call was intense for young Jasmine to listen to, but Hall said she followed directions beautifully.

Here are a few parts in the conversation from the 911 call:

Jasmine: "My mom is pregnant and her water just broke. She is in so much pain."

Dispatcher: "Jasmine can you get some dry towels and a blanket to wrap the baby in and try to find a string or shoelace?"

Dispatcher: "I want you to look down there and see if you can see any part of the baby coming out of there ok."

Mother: "The head is coming out. It's out. I feel it. Oh my God is it alive? Jasmine is it alive?"

Jasmine: "I don't know."

Hall told Jasmine to hold the baby's head and shoulders as it was coming out and she did until paramedics arrived and they finished the delivery.

"I wanted so badly to meet Emily after all of this," said Garcia. "I am so emotional just meeting you and I was emotional listening to the 911 call. I did not realize how badly I was freaking out and yelling, hurry up!" she laughed.

Jasmine did not want to leave Garcia's side after it was all over.

"She said I do not want to go to school I want to stay with you and the baby," said Garcia as her eyes filled with tears. "The whole situation made us closer and she was so connected to me."

Then, Garcia turned to her daughter Jasmine while still holding baby Joseph, kissed her and said, "I love you."

Joseph weighed in at 5 pounds and 10 ounces. Garcia's water broke at 7:02 a.m. Monday morning. Jasmine called 911 immediately and Joseph was out by 7:15 a.m. He is healthy and happy.


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