Hunting unregistered sex offenders hiding in the Bay area

Hunting unregistered sex ofenders hiding in the Bay area

What some sex offenders have been convicted of doing to kids really makes you sick. Now, with technology it's easy to find where registered sex offenders live, around neighborhoods, malls, and places you go to eat. What's really scary are the predators who aren't on the map. One Bay area U.S. Marshal is making it his mission to hunt the most dangerous and hidden sex offenders.

“We are absolutely looking for some of the worst of the worst,” says U.S. Marshal Roger DeVall.

They're predators who have been convicted of producing child pornography or having sex with kids. Devall wishes he could forget many of the graphic details from his cases.

“It's beyond crazy. It's horrible,” says DeVall.

Some sex offenders may have served their prison time, but then fall off the grid. John Korcz from California was on the run for eight years for failing to register as a sex offender.

“For the time being, I don't have to worry about him hurting somebody else,” says DeVall.

Records show that DeVall tracked and arrested the now 65-year-old Korcz hiding out on Johns Pass Avenue in Amanda Andrews’ upscale Madeira Beach neighborhood.

“I'm glad he found the guy. It's scary to think he's living here. He was creepy in a mug shot, but if he was walking down the street, I would just think he was just an old man. You forget that that could be this close,” says Andrews.

“You're looking at Shawn Eugene Conrad. This guy was three times convicted sex offense against a minor,” says DeVall.

The U.S. Marshal's just named DeVall the Federal Agent of the Year. In the Bay area, he's turned some 120 sex offenders from “wanted” to “apprehended”. He says nearly two dozen are facing federal charges for crossing state lines and failing to register.

“In some cases, they just don't want the stigma of being marked as a sex offender,” says DeVall.

DeVall says it's the convicted predators you don't know about who are especially dangerous. “You have individuals who very likely will recommit some of the same crimes,” says DeVall.

Offenders hiding in plain sight are why DeVall says parents have to keep a close eye on kids and have a conversation not only about stranger danger, but the predator who may be lurking online.

“I worry about what they post, who they post it to, you hold your breath and hope you taught them the right things,” says Andrews.

The community working to protecting kids from the offenders who DeVall is still hunting.

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