Kato Kaelin: From "houseguest" to aspiring designer

St. Petersburg, Florida -- This June, it will be 20 years since the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles. Their deaths lead to the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial which also created a minor celebrity by the name of Kato Kaelin.

Kaelin, a struggling actor and comedian, lived in Simpson's guest house and was called to testify in his trial. (Simpson was acquitted in the criminal case but later found liable for the deaths in a civil trial.) Twenty years later, Kaelin is reluctant to talk about that part of his life.

"After everything ended, I said that's no longer a part of my life," said Kaelin. "It's part of my past life and obviously it'll always be part of me. But I though it best never to go back to that."

Instead, Kaelin is looking forward and cashing in on his slacker image as the "world's most famous houseguest." He is teaming up with longtime friend and Bay Area lingerie designer Rhonda Shear on a new line of loungewear for men he's calling Kato Potato.

"The entire line, I came up with the design," said Kaelin. "And Rhonda, with the production development team, made it perfect. We have our first line already done--ready to go--and they're being made as we speak. Then we start the women's line. We have a onesie we call Sweet Potato."

The line should be ready for the market in the fall.

With his background in comedy, Kaelin couldn't resist a joke about that unnamed friend who just happens to be serving a prison sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery. Jones asked if he planned to take an extra large pair of his loungewear to his friend in prison. "Are you saying he's gotten bigger?" asked Kaelin. "I remember a time when it was only the glove that wouldn't fit."


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