Scam in Lake Wales claims to offer Walmart gift rewards

Polk County, Florida -- A scam is going around in Lake Wales claiming to offer a $100 gift card to Walmart or Target.

The Lake Wales Police Department became aware of this issue after a victim received a postcard style announcement in the mail that encouraged the person receiving the mail to call the phone number on the postcard to claim their reward, which is $100.00 in gift savings at Wal-Mart or Target.

The victim called the number and the person who answered began to ask personal questions, at which time the caller disconnected.

A detective called the number and the person who answered did so by asking if he was calling to claim his reward. When the detective asked for the name of the company the call taker worked for he was told United Benefits. The detective then identified himself to begin asking questions about the piece of mail and the call taker disconnected.

Deputy Chief Troy Schulze contacted Wal-Mart and Target to inquire about the authenticity of the mail. He was told by management from both companies the mail was not sent out by either company and people should not respond to it.


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