Lone deputy breaks up beach brawl

Spring breakers call for help because they say man is threatening beachgoers.

St. Pete Beach, Florida -- It's Sunday 5:30 p.m. Spring breakers call for help because they say man is threatening beachgoers.

The responding Pinellas deputy comes face to face with a belligerent 25-year-old Josh McMahan.

The deputy body slams McMahan and cuffs him.

Visitor George Voucas watches the whole thing.

"The cops jumps in, grabs him by the neck, throws him down, and the cop had every right to do it to be honest," says Voucas.

PHOTOS: Lone deputy breaks up beach brawl on St. Pete Beach

But it doesn't end there.

McMahan's buddy, 24-year-old Justin Lewis, interferes. The deputy struggles to control him and eventually the deputy has to get tough.

Lewis lives in St. Pete with his grandmother Diane Lyons. She watched the video.

"Justin said Josh's face was turning blue and he was worried something was going to happen to him because he couldn't breathe," said Lyons.

The deputy manages to hold both McMahan and Lewis down and radio for help. But minutes go by and back up is nowhere.

"Oh it took a good 10-15 minutes. They should have been there ASAP. The cop was alone. Luckily he was a big guy. To be honest, if he wasn't the size he was I don't think he would've been able to handle the situation," said Voucas.

Both McMahan and Lewis were charged with battery on a police officer which is a felony. Lewis' grandmother says spring break and liquor don't mix.

"I don't think they should allow drinking on the beach," said Lyons.

The Pinellas Sheriff's Office says they cant comment on the video because they're analyzing it. We asked if they would be increasing patrols on the beach for spring break, they said they're analyzing that too.

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