Medical marijuana advocate speaks to young Republicans

Tampa, Florida -- Medical marijuana has become a hot topic in Florida politics, and polls indicate it has a good chance of passing in November.

On Tuesday night, the Young Republicans of Tampa Bay invited medical marijuana advocate attorney John Morgan to speak to its members.

Traditionally, Republicans are more conservative on this issue, and we asked if the event was an attempt to find common ground.

"I don't think this is about where people stand on the issue. I think this about educating all of our voters on the biggest piece of legislation we'll have on the ballot this November," said Youn Republicans of Tampa Bay executive director Lacey Wickline.

Polls reveal acceptance of medical marijuana crosses all parties and platforms, and Morgan believes Republicans have softened their stance.

"I think you can be conservative on social issues and on fiscal issues, but when it comes to personal freedom and acts of compassion, which this is, I think that is what will surprise the Republican party of Florida," said Morgan.

Tampa native Guido Maniscalco is running for Tampa City Council, and believes Morgan could reach young Republican voters.

"Like I said, the younger crowd is more receptive to this, and I think he is coming into a more friendly environment," said Maniscalco.

It was a simple question and answer session. At only one point did it get heated, but Morgan maintained his composure, and the crowd was gracious and receptive. He even answered the question: what would Jesus do?

"I know what Jesus would do because he already did it. He put this plant on earth for us," said Morgan.

John Morgan said he didn't come attend the event to change anybody's mind, or influence their decision. He just wanted a dialogue, and that's what he got.


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